Monday, July 4, 2011

Sugar, sugarbabe, or sugardaddy

Coarse and fine sugar now cost RM 2.30 a kilo after 20 sen increase last May. According to news report Malaysians consumed about 1.4 million tons of sugar last year, and demand has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 3.4% over last 10 years.

 Malaysia ingest more sugar than its neighbours at an average per capita consumption of 50Kg; Thailand come second with 40Kg while Indonesia, India and Philippines trail with 20Kg.

With the price increase, consumption may be lowered, and that is good for our health.

Professor Lustig from the University of California says sugar consumed quickly in large quantities is the primary reason behind the high number of obese and diabetic person. In addition, high sugar consumption also related to heart disease, hypertension and many common cancers.

How much sugar in our food?

Sugarbaby or Sugardaddy in Malaysia

Btw recent ipo related to sugar is MSM ipo.. maybe because sugar is very very very important staple in Malaysia... its jump to North pole during listing... 37.9% increase, or 43% increase for retail investor... not bad huh...? hahaha

somebody told me, MSM name is not so suitable, better replace by Sugarbabe or sugardaddy. Very hot n sweet IPO n now already touch RM 5.12


RM 3.38 -retail investor
RM 3.50 -Institutional Investor

as today 4July 11am, last done price is RM 5.12

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