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Tips to doubled your money through investment

What are the most favorite investment vehicle to doubled your money nowdays? From basic and low risk investment to the most profit and high risk instrumental, we are listing 9 ways to invest your money through various investment vehicle. check it out....

1. Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB)
Risk : Very low
Return : 8-10% per annum

This is the most favorite way Bumiputera invest their money. ASB is very low risk instrumental investment. It is passive investment and easy to invest. You can invest a fixed amount of your money every month through salary deduction and with the option to add or reduce the investment amount conveniently. With the maximum allowable investment at RM 200,000 a person, ASB should be your primary investment vehicle until it reach ceiling amount. This is very long term investment with comparatively high return ( average 8-10% per year). Very suitable for early investor and those who are fear losing money by invest in high risk investment vehicle.

2. Website Domains
Risk : Medium risk
Return : 10-5000% (depend on website domain)

If you invest smartly into website domains, you can earn millions over time. However, this area is vastly unexplored by investors, and can yield more than traditional products. You can simply buy a good domain name for RM 10-RM 100 and resell at higher value. Many good domain names are sold for more than RM 5000. One word domain names like or have highest value (in millions), and most of them are already taken. However, if you can come up with creative two-word domain name, you can make a killing.

3. Gold

Risk: Superb low risk
Return : 1%-100% (more longer, higher the return)

This precious metal is a remarkable insurance coverage against inflation. When all your investments like stocks, mutual funds, etc. go down, gold increases in value. One of the reasons why gold isn’t affected by national crisis is it reflects global demand. Any political party or company’s revenue cannot determine its price.

4. Silver

Risk: Low
Return : unknown

According to the US economy, silver will be among the metals that will become extinct by 2020. Apart from investment, silver is used for more than 2,000 purposes, most of them are vital to our economy. As of now, it is more rare than gold. In years to come, it will surpass the value of gold per ounce. Hence, one of the most beneficial investments today.

5.Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

Risk : medium
Return : ~7.8 % per annum

Want to buy property or retail lot to collect steady stream of rental income but don't have money? REITs formed by companies that purchase and manage real estate using funds pooled from shareholders. Dividend payout can be generous depending on which REIT's you are buying.
Example of REIT's in Malaysia is Sunway REIT's, the largest REIT's in Malaysia. Sunway asset are located in award winning township that have approved masterplans. As rental income will begin to rise over next few years, REIT's is one of the GEMS in investment.

6. Property Investment

Risk: Low risk
Return : 4-8% per annum (rental), capital appreciation of 2%-3% a year

Properties are relatively stable and predictable in both their rental returns and their market value. Banks are ever willing to lend money to good buyers and for properties in excellent location. On new budget 2011, PM DS Najib announced 100% loans scheme for first time home buyers.

7. Private Unit Trust

Risk : Low to medium
Return : depend on portfolio (bond/equity/etc)
Example : Public Mutual or CIMB Principal/Islamic unit trust

Unit trust is a collective investment scheme that pools the savings of a large number of investors. The money collected is invested by the fund manager in different types of stocks, bonds, or other securities in various proportions depending upon the objective of the fund. The income earned through these investments and the capital appreciation realized by the scheme, after deducting the trading costs and expenses of managing and administering the fund are paid out to the unit holders in proportion to the number of units owned by them.

Most of the unit trust funds in Malaysia are open-ended funds (the fund sells as many units as you and other investors want to buy and buys as many units you want to sell). This makes unit trust funds very liquid investments – though the price at which you sell may be less than your purchase price if the value of the fund has dropped.You can make an initial investment with as little as RM1,000 and buy additional units when you have more money or invest a fixed amount on a regular monthly schedule via a bank account. Thus unit trust is the most suitable investment for the common man as it offers an opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally managed portfolio.

Each Fund has a defined investment objective and strategy.

8. Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Risk: medium
Return: 4-7% per annum

Exchange Traded fund have long been considered a cheap and quick tool to gain access to the market. Traded on the change like a stock, an ETF carries the same brokerage and trading cost as any other equity purchased, and it provide investor with instant diversification by exposing them to a basket of securities through a single trade. Very suitable for young investor which has limited fund since they can diversified and manage their investment through ETF. Compared with unit trust, it is cost efficient and allow flexible trading in stock exchange. Recently, CIMB has launched two ETFs, the CIMB FTSE Asean 40 Malaysia and the CIMB FTSE Xinhua China 25 to the local market which gives local inventor access to the 40 stocks in the Asean region and Top 25 Chinese stocks listed in the Hong Kong Exchanged

9. Investing in blue chip stock in Stock Exhange.

Risk: Very high risk
Return : Very high return

If you had invested RM 1000 in Genting in 1987, it would amount to about RM 35000 now.

According to investopedia, stock generally does not have voting rights, but has a higher claim on assets and earnings than the common shares. Also known as "shares" or "equity".

Many investors purchase a particular stock with the intention of making a big profit over a short period of time. However, this action is not investing, but a pure gambling. The reason for this is that you are never guaranteed that you will get the high returns you hope for over such a short period of time.

There may be times in which stocks have put a record on short-term growth, but these occurrences are very rare. On average stocks have returned from 10% to 12%. However, this doesn't mean that all stocks return at these rates.


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