Monday, November 1, 2010

How to get rich in 10 days

Saving RM 10 per day...will not make you rich in 10 days...

Becoming rich by saving and investing money is easy. But you will have to wait for more than 20 years to get some real money. Instead, there are several ways to earn quick money and live your life like a king. Here are few tips on how to get rich fast....hmm I think, real fast.

Buy Lottery Tickets (Magnum or Sport Toto)

This is one of the easiest ways to earn big money overnight. Instead of learning about various investment products and investing in risky market, simply spend half your salary buying lottery tickets. Imagine your salary RM 2000, then spend RM 1000 to buy 1000 lottery ticket !!!!!!
Yes, this asset class is a bit different from other classes like stocks, bonds, funds, and so on.

WARNING : Gambling in any form is prohibited in Islam

Buy and Sell Cocaine, Heroin or Ectasy

Since last few decades, selling illegal drugs has been one of the most lucrative businesses. You can earn as much as 500% of you investment on selling every kilo of cocaine. Simply invest around RM 3000 and sell it at street value. Initially, it would be difficult to convince peddlers and customers. However, it’s worth the effort.

WARNING: ''Seksyen 39B Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952 yang jika disabitkan kesalahan boleh dihukum gantung sampai mati''

Save RM 40,000 Every Day

Become rich within a month by saving RM 40,000 or more every day. By the end of the month, you will have saved more than a million ringgit. Here is another way to get richer. Save more each day to become a billionaire.

Become a Hitman

This would require a bit of investment. Japanese swords or English snipers are not cheap. Besides, they are not tax deductible either. However, once you start getting professional contacts, you will earn millions every day.

Win Money in Genting Casino

In today’s world of hedge funds and risky commodities, trying to earn money gambling in Genting Casino seems to be an outmoded trend. However, the killing you can make in blackjack cannot be made by investing in Axiata or Maybank stocks.

WARNING : Gambling in any form is prohibited in Islam

Launch a Stupid Website Programme/ Online Programme

Can’t you come up with something like ‘Login FACEBOOK dapat duit’ or 'MAKE MONEY FROM FACEBOOK' ? It’s a stupid idea, but a successful. Rather than striving to become a hitman or take the risk of robbing a bank, think about such in idea.

p/s: moral values:

If you realize these are not feasible ways to get rich, there is only one way: Earn money through legitimate methods.

How do we make money? just for the fun of it, you van get RICH through ''unusual means'' like what I stated above...lot more I did not state such as ''to get early inheritance from rich parents or married rich woman/man'' :P

Unfortunately for most of us, the above will be OUT OF QUESTION or OUT OF LUCK. Most of people, including myself, have to do it the hard way.

We can become rich, it is possible... just we need to do in smart way :P


Anonymous said...

Your point?
I just can see get rich with wrong way here..

seringgit said...

Please read carefully, this is just a sarcasm, we are trying to shows there is no way to gain money in short way, without work hard and smart planning.If u read last paragraph you will realize, what point actually i want to tell the readers:)

Ashraf Latif said...

this is the main factor i want to get involve in silver market~ : may be in next 10 years i will be the billionaire from malaysia.haha

Amy La Vida said...

this is very true

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