Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TOP 10 Malaysia company most biggest net profit

1. Malayan Banking*
RM 3.97 Billion

2. CIMB Group
RM 3.05 Billion

3. Public Bank
RM 2.55 Billion

4. IOI Corp*
RM 2.06 Billion

5. Genting
RM 1.78 Billion

6. AXIATA Group
RM 1.75 Billion

7. YTL Corp*
RM 1.64 Billion

8. PPB Group
RM 1.63 Billion

9. Maxis
RM 1.58 Billion

10. Genting Malaysia (Resort World)
RM 1.32 Billion

*unaudited results
all figure above are from FYE reported before July 2010


Anonymous said...

Have u forgotten the biggest company in this B-land?
Can't blame u, all this while its been kept at very very low profile...
Any guess? start with P la...
The profit is much more than all your top 10 companies combine..!!!
But a lot of info is not available to the come???
How bout the turnover per year?
And who got the contracts?
Never seen any tenders ?
Big big profit huh...?

Anonymous said...

Fuck this mal from malaysia sells fish and is th richest company in malaysia . All this stuff is bullshit .

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